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Having too much debt can have a very negative impact on anyone's life. Many people finally reach the stage where they are no longer able to cope with making repayments on time, miss payments or borrow money from other sources to repay other debt. This cycle will eventually lead to you facing legal implications as well as badly affecting your credit record. If this sounds familiar to you, you get regular phone calls or letters, risk losing your house or car, or just have no idea how you are ever going to be able to repay your debt then consider debt review. Simply visit WithoutDEBT and complete the short contact form and an experienced consultant will call you back during office hours.
Debt review is a legal process that helps protect you from your creditors (people that you have borrowed money from or have finance agreements with) as well as prevents you losing your assets. Along with this a NCR (National Credit Regulator) registered debt counsellor will negotiate on your behalf to reduce your monthly repayments, helping to make your life more liveable and your debt more manageable. There are no upfront fees and a debt counsellor will explain how debt counselling works and help you decide if it is the right option for you. If you complete the process you will be debt free as well as have a clear credit record and it really is worth considering as opposed to trying to continue in an endless cycle of debt. Don't go another day struggling with unmanageable debt if you don't have to - apply now @
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Get legal protection from creditors
Keep your house and / or car
No upfront fees payable to apply
Clear your name and live debt free
Reduce your monthly repayments


Lamna offers secured loans against other assets you may have as well as vehicles including art, antiques, luxury watches, valuable coins, jewelry, gold and diamonds. Other valuables will also be considered and all you have to do is complete a short form on the website giving as much information as you can relevant to the goods you would like to loan against. A consultant will contact you and make you a loan offer, if you would like to proceed you will have to visit the offices for a final valuation and to receive your loan. There are no legal implications if you cannot repay your loan, your assets will simply be sold to recover the debt. If you have valuable assets you think you could loan against with no banks involved, payslips required or credit checks then it is an excellent option and you can apply if you are under debt review - apply now @
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