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Anyone that has a website or blog has the opportunity to earn extra income easily by advertising with links and banners by joining an affiliate network for free. Once you have joined, place some banners, links or both and every time someone clicks, makes an enquiry or buys something you could earn commission, simple as that. There are a number of South African affiliate networks and many more around the world so don't let your website traffic go to waste. Remember that you can join one or all of the programs listed below with no restrictions which is a good idea as it will give you a larger range of options to choose from when it comes to advertising categories relevant to your website theme. Keep reading for a list of some good affiliate programs worth joining and if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas for this page please email hello[AT] and we will consider adding them.

best affiliate
Offering a number of different opportunities for advertising makes it easy to sign up and has good support if you have queries or problems. Categories to advertise include online shopping, insurance, loans and entertainment and though not the largest range of advertisers all offers are from quality companies and you are likely to find something suited to you website or blog. Commissions on the affiliate network are also very good and payments are on time and if you are interested you can sign up in just a few minutes and browse the offers @


za affiliate programs
Another South African affiliate network to apply to join is AdMarula and they work with many leading companies in South Africa. You will find a wide range of different advertising options, many from big brand names across different categories and commissions are good. Unlike most other networks, once you have signed up you will need to verify and have each website you want to advertise on approved by the prospective company you would like to advertise for. This helps to ensure that there is quality, targeted traffic and helps the affiliate network maintain a high standard of advertiser. If you are looking for some top class programs to advertise on your website or blog then it is definitely recommended to sign up @


make money from website
Looking for a good affiliate company to join in South Africa? Affiliate Network offers a wide range of programs including personal loans, car finance, bad credit cell phone contracts, medical aids comparison, home loan quotes and more. You can sign up in just a few minutes and start advertising on your blog or website and payments are on time with opportunity to earn money if you make conversions. Why not see what is on offer by signing up today @


offerforge sign up
The largest online advertising network in the country is OfferForge and as such there is a very wide range of programs available to advertise. Companies range from large well known brands to smaller, lesser known advertisers and you are almost guaranteed to find something suitable to the theme of your website on the network. Using one of the best affiliate interfaces as well as a very fast ad server it is one of the leading affiliate networks to join. Commissions on many programs are very good and there is a lot to offer both smaller website owners as well as larger, high traffic websites. Categories include loans, finance, insurance, B2B (Business to Business), forex, travel, online shopping, gaming and betting, technology and health. It is well worth anyone looking to advertise online joining and there is a lot on offer, get more information or sign up now @


make money selling website links
Do you have a website or blog and want to make money without having to place a lot of banners? Paid link placement could be another option to consider and Magenet makes it easy for you to make money placing links on your website. Simply create an account and you can start getting paid to display links on your website. Placement is either manual or via an automatic plugin and you do have control of what links you would like to display. Payment is for the duration of time the link is displayed not for clicks or sales and if you are looking for ways to generate revenue from your website then why not get more information or sign up now @


NETELLER is a worldwide online payments service which can be linked to a prepaid MasterCard. Your account allows instant transfers and withdrawals to be made to many popular websites including online trading, gaming, sports betting and shopping and you can use the credit card like any other at the ATM, online or at the local store. As an award winning payments system with both a Rewards Points Program and a VIP Program it is very popular and a great choice to promote if you are looking for an innovative and different program, especially if your website visitors are interested in gambling, forex trading or finance. There are many benefits to being an affiliate and the commission is uncapped meaning instead of getting paid once off for a lead or sale you get a rolling commission, get more information or sign up @
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